Handling of Personal Information

This privacy policy is originally prepared in the Japanese language, which language shall prevail, and any translation in any other language shall be for reference only and shall not bind you or the Company.

Purpose of Use

Allied Architects, Inc. ("we") use personal information obtained only within the course of responding to customer inquiries and providing customers and others with the latest information.

Disclosing Personal Information to External Parties: Third Parties

We will not provide customers' personal information to any third party other than when required to cooperate with requests or orders from judicial or other government bodies, or when acting in accordance with any applicable laws or regulations.

Disclosing Personal Information to External Parties: Outsourcing

We will not provide a customer's personal information to parties to whom we outsource.

Arbitrary Nature of Personal Information

Customers or persons making inquiry of us are deemed to provide personal information to us or allow us to collect such information at their free will. Please note that we might not be able to respond to customer inquiries in an appropriate way if correct or complete information is not provided by the relevant inquirer, and we take no responsibility for this.


In order for us to provide services to our customers and to count website visits and evaluate traffic data, we may send information called "cookies" to the computers of our customers. Such cookies will be stored on the hard drive or in a device's memory. We only use the information we collect from cookies for the purpose of marketing analysis and effective service provision. We will try to ensure that cookies will not spy on our customers or otherwise invade their privacy.

Request to Disclose Personal Information

For queries concerning the disclosure, amendment, addition, deletion, suspension, elimination or the cessation of offering to third parties personal information and/or for receiving comments from the public regarding the handling of personal information, please contact:

Personal Information Inquiries
TEL: +81-3-6408-2791
FAX: +81-3-6408-2799
C/O Chief Personal Information Officer