• photo: NAKAMURA Masahide

    Founder / Representative Director, President and CEO
    NAKAMURA Masahide

    Apr. 1997
    Joined Sumitomo Corporation
    June 2000
    Founding Member, Golf Digest Online Inc.(currently listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange)
    July 2004
    Executive Officer, Golf Digest Online Inc.(currently listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange)
    Aug. 2005
    Founded Allied Architects, Inc.Representative Director, President and CEO
  • photo: Matsui Hiromi

    Director / Head of Solution Company
    MATSUI Hiromi

    Jun. 1991
    Joined Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.
    Oct. 2012
    Joined Irep Co., Ltd.
    Jan. 2014
    Executive Officer, Irep Co., Ltd.
    Jul. 2016
    Joined Allied Architects, Inc.
    Mar. 2017
    Executive Officer
    Jan. 2018
    Senior Executive Officer
    Mar. 2019
    Director (current)
  • photo: HARADA Jun

    HARADA Jun

    Apr. 1997
    Joined ASAHI &CO.(currently KPMG AZSA LLC.)
    Nov. 2003
    Joined Yahoo Japan Corporation
    Mar. 2012
    Coporate Auditor, Allied Architects, Inc.
    Aug. 2018
    Founder and Partner, Jingumae Aoba Tax Accountant Office(current)
    Apr. 2019
    Director(Audit and Supervisory Committee),SRE Holdings Corporation(current)
    Mar. 2020
    Director, Allied Architects, Inc. (current)
  • photo: TOYOMASU Takahisa

    TOYOMASU Takahisa

    Apr. 1997
    Joined The Sanwa Bank, Ltd.(currently MUFG Bank, Ltd.)
    Jul. 2005
    Joined Rakuten, Inc.
    Nov. 2012
    Financial Director&Director of Theater Media Div. UNITED CINEMAS CO.,LTD.
    Mar. 2015
    Director, Allied Architects, Inc. (current)
  • photo: OTA Ayako

    OTA Ayako

    Jun. 2001
    Joined Recruit Co., Ltd.
    Sep. 2006
    Founded Belleffect Co., ltd, Representative Director, President and CEO
    Feb. 2013
    Founded General Incorporated Eigyo Joshi-ka Executive Director(current)
    Mar. 2017
    Director, Allied Architects, Inc. (current)

Company Head
Head of Major Group Entities

  • photo: MURAOKA Yamato

    CPO(Chief Product Officer) / Head of Marketing Software Company
    MURAOKA Yamato

    Jun. 2001
    Joined Allied Architects, Inc.
    Sep. 2006
    Executive Officer, Allied Architects, Inc.
    Feb. 2013
    Chairperson of Allied Tech Base Co.,Ltd.、Allied Tech Camp Co.,Ltd.(both in Vietnam) (current)
    Mar. 2017
    CPO(Chief Product Officer) ,, Allied Architects, Inc. & General Manager of Markting Softwear Department (current)
  • photo: BANSHO Tatsuya

    Head of Cross-Border Company / Representative Director, President, Vstar Japan Co., Ltd.
    BANSHO Tatsuya

    Apr. 2011
    Joined Allied Architects, Inc.
    Apr. 2018
    Representative Director, President and CEO, Vstar Japan Inc.(current)
    Jul. 2020
    General Manager of Cross-Border Department (current)
  • photo: TAKIGUCHI Kazuhiro

    Creadits Pte. Ltd. CEO
    TAKIGUCHI Kazuhiro

    Aug. 2005
    Director, Allied Architects, Inc.
    Apr. 2009
    Jan. 2014
    Joined Allied Architects, Inc.
    Jun. 2015
    Chief Executive Officer, ReFUEL4 Pte. Ltd.(Currently Creadits Pte. Ltd)(current )
  • photo: ISHIWATA Koichi

    Representative Director, President and CEO, AiCON TOKYO Inc.
    ISHIWATA Koichi

    Aug. 2005
    Joined ADBRAIN Inc.
    Apr. 2009
    Joined J. Walter Thompson Japan(currently WT Tokyo)
    Jan. 2014
    JExecutive Director, Cafe Company Inc.
    Jun. 2015
    Co-Founded AiCON TOKYO Inc. Representative Director, President and CEO(current)